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Mamiffer "The Brilliant Tabernacle" CS (Ektro, Finland)

by Mamiffer , Faith Coloccia , and Aaron Turner ,


Written by Faith Coloccia and Mamiffer

Cassette edition of 100 copies, from Ektro Records in Finland.
Artwork hand-printed and assembled by Faith Coloccia.

Track Listing:
1. All That is Beautiful
2. River of Light
3. So That The Heart May Be Known
4. Two Hands Together
5. To Receive
6. Hymn of Eros
7. To Be Seen
Produced by Randall Dunn and Mamiffer

Recorded by Randall Dunn at Studio Litho, Seattle, WA. (2013) and AVAST! Studio, Seattle, WA. (2014, 2015, 2018).
Additional recording by Mamiffer at The House of Low Culture, Vashon, WA. (2013-2018). Jon Mueller's percussion and Faith Coloccia's piano on "All That is Beautiful" recorded by Matt Bayles at Robert Lange Studios, Lakeshore, WA. (2017). Piano, synthesizer and electronics on "Hymn of Eros" recorded by Nicholas Wilbur at The Unknown Studio, Anacortes, WA. (2016)

Mixed by Randall Dunn at AVAST! Studios Seattle WA 2018
Strings arranged and performed by Eyvind Kang

Faith Coloccia: vocals, piano, organ, cassette field recordings, auxiliary percussion
Aaron Turner: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, additional vocals
Jon Mueller: percussion
Brian Cook: bass
Eyvind Kang: viola, violin
Veronica Dye: flute
Alex Barnett: electronics and synthesizer on " Hymn of Eros"
Monika Khot: additional vocals on "River of Light"
Janne Westerlund: Kantele on "To Be Seen"